DPA and Fraud

Compliance Assistant for DPA and Fraud

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Assist the DPA Officer by implementation of our Data Protection Policy.
  2. Assist with ‘best practice’ guidance for employees in written form for future reference.
  3. Train and advise employees on the provisions of the Data Protection Act.
  4. Identify and monitor the data processors whilst at work, ensuring that they deal with data in a manner consistent with the 8 data protection principles.
  5. Process and respond to all requests for information by data subjects.
  6. Ensure data remains up-to-date and is destroyed when necessary.
  7. Develop fraud reports, designed to identify instances of fraud.
  8. Administer the daily fraud checklists. Review and analyse transactions to identify any cases of actual or suspected fraud.
  9. Fully investigate any cases of actual or potential fraud.
  10. Regularly review existing solutions and propose new solutions to improve processes to minimise the risk of fraud.
  11. Liaise with other teams and external customers to prevent/capture fraud and administer hotlists.
  12. Regularly review and where necessary amend support documents, ensuring they are up to date, comprehensible and available to other team members
  13. Prepare service level agreement (SLA) reports on production services. This includes performance data collection, coordinating problem management system outputs, producing graphs as required for inclusion in the four weekly service reports
  14. Comply with ‘Another’ values and adherence to company policies and procedures.

Skills and Competences:

Bachelor’s degree preferred: business, finance, accounting or technology-related preferred but not essential

  1. Knowledge of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) regulations
  2. Experience of working in a fraud prevention/fraud analysis role
  3. Good understanding of payment processing and fraud prevention processes
  4. Strong interpersonal skills and experience managing multiple tasks and tight deadlines
  5. A functional understanding of AML regulations, legislation and transaction monitoring
  6. Proactive attitude, autonomy and capable of working under pressure
  7. Easy adaptation to new environments and experience dealing with senior management
  8. Strong attention to detail
  9. Ability to listen and excellent sense of service