Treasury Assistant

Position Description: Assistant to the CFO

Basic Function: The assistant treasurer position is responsible for reporting on corporate liquidity and currency related risk management in relation to operational financial activities.

Principal Accountabilities:

  1. Forecast currency positions, related trading needs, and funds available for conversion across the available swaps.
  2. Ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet ongoing operational requirements
  3. Use hedging, forwards and spot trading and to mitigate financial risks related to the conversion rates on the company’s FX trading desks, as well as on planning its foreign exchange positions
  4. Monitor the activities of third parties handling outsourced treasury functions on behalf of the company
  5. Advise the CFO and prepare management reports on all aspects of its short- and long-range planning
  6. Develop a system of procedures that impose an adequate level of control over treasury activities

Desired Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting, plus 3 years of treasury experience. Should have a understanding of hedging, trading, foreign exchange and account management, and international funds flows.