Compliance Assistant for AML and KYC 

Main Responsibilities:

  1. Development of the risk based compliance monitoring plan and ongoing monitoring, guideline surveillance and investigations
  2. KYC and AML reviews and file checks
  3. Undertaking compliance monitoring reviews
  4. Creation of management information reports
  5. Reviewing and maintaining compliance records, company retention documents, employee training programmes and compliance registers
  6. Escalated Complaint handling and liaison with FOS
  7. Assisting with the registration of approved persons under FCA
  8. Take responsibility for assisting, preparing and reviewing staff compliance training records

Skills and Competences:

Bachelor’s degree preferred: business, finance, accounting or technology-related preferred but not essential

  1. Strong interpersonal skills and experience managing multiple tasks and tight deadlines
  2. A functional understanding of AML regulations, legislation and transaction monitoring
  3. Proactive attitude, autonomy and capable of working under pressure
  4. Easy adaptation to new environments and experience dealing with senior management
  5. Strong attention to detail
  6. Ability to listen and excellent sense of service